Barramundi fishing Weipa is as good as it gets! In fact, Weipa is widely regarded as one of Australia’s premier Barramundi fishing locations. Because of our unique landscape, we catch Barras everywhere from the freshwater lagoons and creeks, to the rivers and estuaries, and all the way out to our coastal beaches and rockbars. The infamous ‘metre’ Barra is one of the most sought-after sport fish for anglers.

When you hook one of the big girls, the adrenalin will have your blood pumping double time while you wrestle the silver giant to the boat. The awe and excitement when you land it, is like nothing else. Far North Fishing Weipa have racked up stacks of metre Barra landings and promote catch and release fishing, to maintain a healthy and sustainable fishery. If you want to hook the big one, contact us today on 0417 098 732 or


We offer extended fishing charters, giving you maximum time to land the big ones. 4-day 5-night charters include all meals, transfers, accommodation & experienced guides.

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All of our charters can be booked as sport fishing or fly fishing. Numbers vary to ensure maximum space and experience. Visit charter page for more information. We’ll see you in Weipa.

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The best time to catch Barramundi in Weipa, is just after the wet season in April-May. The runoff from swamps, lagoons and rivers creates the perfect environment for very active fish.

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Bag a barra and a boar with Far North Fishing Weipa. We’ve got fishing and pig hunting charters, which are on the market for the first time in 2020. Big on inclusions and adventure.

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Graeme Skennar

If you're looking for a great guide with local knowledge and experience then Kurt is your man. Catching great fish is one thing but combining that with a memorable and enjoyable experience is what this guy is all about. You will not be disappointed.

Graeme Skennar


The waters around Weipa are teeming with Barramundi. Not just any Barramundi, the over a metre big beauties! As above, the best but not the only time of year to catch Barramundi in Weipa, is around April-May.

When Barramundi fishing Weipa, there’s a range of techniques and lures that are very effective. At Far North Fishing Weipa, we use hard body lures to flick the mangroves in the rivers and estuaries, or the rocks bars on our pristine beaches along the coast. It’s awesome to watch a big Barra smash your lure.

We also use live bait to catch the silver beauties. Bait fishing at the river mouths and pressure points where they like to hang is also great fun, this gives every angler a chance at a big Barra, even if they don’t have any lure casting experience.


Our number one priority when Barramundi fishing Weipa, is to show our guests a great time, and make sure they are bending a rod, no matter what their fishing ability is.

Please note: We promote catch and release fishing to ensure we maintain a healthy and sustainable fishery that can be enjoyed for years to come, but we’re happy to keep the odd fish for dinner. The fish taste better when you’ve caught them yourself.

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